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Shooting us with crucible tokens.

Crucible tokens were worthless because of a lack of any worth while gear associated with the tokens. They were only good for bypassing the tedious seasonal light grind - something that should be ELIMINATED. In Beyond Light, crucible tokens could no longer increase our light. This was unnecessary and disrespectful to our time investment in the game. Now, instead of putting in gear worthy of the tokens we’ve amassed - and mind you Bungie, you’re the reason we’ve amassed tokens - Bungie is double downing on their disrespect towards Guardians by trashing the tokens rather than making them worthwhile to trade it. This is “beyond” ridiculous. Bungie, the onus is on your as the developer to put gear in the game that is worth our tokens. Edit: because numerous people have responded on the basis of the merits of a token system and the new system being “better,” I am posting this universal response. My post has NOTHING to do with whether the token system is good or or bad, or whether it should be changed. It is a fact that the token system exists, for years it has been worthless, and rather than putting some value into the tokens, Bungie systematically decreased their worth. Now Bungie has a problem. Plenty of people have tokens left unused because there was no good gear to trade in for. Rather than provide worthwhile gear to trade in for. Bungie’s solution is to force everyone to trash their tokens or turn them in for “trash.” Everyone, in a looter shooter, should have a problem with the fact that the tokens can’t be traded in for anything worth having for years and Bungie taking the easy way out, by not creating gear worthwhile to trade in for. Until this season the vendors had the same gear for almost 2 years. This is why people have tokens stored. Bungie created this problem of the excess tokens by not refreshing vendors and now is going to just trash the tokens. This is disrespectful to all players regardless of whether the tokens were easy to acquire or not, and regardless of whether the system is good or not.



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