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由Pickled Fish編輯: 1/15/2021 9:58:40 AM

Clocking out

Yes, this is another "i'm done" post. No, I will not be deleting my characters. I think I have clocked in 4000+ hours across D1 and D2. All hours have some good memories in them, but I cant support this company anymore. A big red flag that I should have caught was no vendor refresh for a hot bit, especially iron banner. Remember when we use to get new armor? $40 for a barebones dlc, that removed an absurb amount of content, just for them to say "sorry, here is 2-3 year old gear that we will [b][i]allow[/i][/b] you to chase again". Fućk that. Destiny has become an afterthought to Bungie. It has been proven that they dont even take the time to play test half the content they produce.



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