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1/14/2021 5:29:20 AM

Remove Sunsetting

Good weapons just sitting in the vault, good armuor rolls getting thrown in along with them . It's hard enough trying to find weapons to replace the ones we loved using, but armour is extremely hard to farm for either higher or similar stats. Some would say farm the raid, but there is on special occasions that players do not like the raids, either because they're a but time consuming or the fact that they can't get a fireteam together. It doesn't have appeal for the game to do things like this. As the game is already losing a bit of its players due to repeated grinding and simple lack of originality. I'm aware that this won't reach the eyes of someone who can make the changes needed to please players with the same ideals in mind. But nevertheless I thought I'd share this , for it has been a big topic of mine.



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