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1/15/2021 9:57:07 AM

oh that was disappointing.? Take away the guns, make them obsolete and now, here are the exact same things with a bit of a twist , go grind anew.

not that i would have liked the dreaming city style or the hivegoosplashedhumanweapon style from the moon .. but i just finished deleting the old weapon pool from the moon.. (where the smg was really nice and void) and now i can regrind this fornthe exact same gun i just dismantled. weeeeeeeh! way to go.. i really doubt that is what bungie sold us sunetting on.. how about at least a new model for the gun? i mean designign a gun should be an afternoon in a decent editor.. thats 2 guys for a week that make those gun models .. is that asked too much? just make them look different ..ok?



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