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由Signor Sghi編輯: 1/14/2021 11:08:18 PM

So sad to see PoH farm gone

Pit of Heresy has always been my go-to for farming prisms and, as a concequence, shards. It is so sad that you decided to remove it, what an idiotic decision. “We want to make some destinations relevant again”. PoH has never been not-relevant. Give back the masterworked armor. AND ADD A THIRD MOD SLOT FOR SEASONAL MODS FROM BANSHEE FFS. Edit: A quick math: 100 days in a season mean more or less 14 weekly resets. 18 prisms times 14 resets are 252 prisms per season or, if all of them are converted in shards, 25 shards per season. Enough for all the masterworked armor one may ever need (since you morons decided to sunset armors, these are extremely valuable). So, you removed from us 25 “easy” shards per season to give us 3 for the whole season. That’s a bad joke. And you, Luke, are scamming people’s time.



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