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1/14/2021 7:16:52 PM

PS4 - Forsaken $25?!? Yet required for BL quests?

I’m new to playing Destiny. I purchased the Beyond Light deluxe edition or $60 as it was the version recommended in the PS4 store (side note - for a new player deciding which edition of this game to buy is incredibly confusing). From what I had read, BL basically made the previous expansions obsolete, and other things I had read made it seem like they weren’t required to play the current and future contact. Well, to my surprise, even though I just spent $60 buying this game, when I tried to queue up the weekly nightfall strike, I’m unable to do so unless I spend $25 more on the forsaken expansion. Right now I’m stuck in a place where I’m sitting on the BL stasis quest line requiring me to run nightfall multiple times to power up my stasis abilities, but the only way for me to complete content in the current expansion is if I spend $25 more on the game I just purchased. This really doesn’t make sense to me and from a customer service standpoint, it doesn’t sit well with me that a purchase of the new expansion doesn’t include all of the content necessary to play that actual expansion. I haven’t played too many MMO type of games, but I did play WoW back in the Lich king days and the way Blizzard always created their content ensured that if you purchased the most current expansion, all of the other past expansions were included. Okay, so Bungie isn’t Blizzard, but $25 seems like a pretty steep price to pay for a content pack that no one is playing other than when it happens to randomly pop up as the weekly nightfall. Having someone spend $60 on the ‘Deluxe Edition,’ of a game and immediately asking for another $25 just to be able to play through my current BL questline is a very poor customer experience. Bungie - if you still want to attract new players to this game rather than just try to hold on to your existing player base, you really need to rethink the content you’re including along with a purchase of the current expansion. Heck, when I was purchasing this edition of the game, in addition to it being the one recommended by the PS4 store, it was also the one that my friends who have been playing since the game started suggested I purchase as well. Past expansions should be included in a purchase of the current expansion, but heck couldn’t you at least make the forsaken expansion like a $5 add on?



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