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Savek has grown thicc from strength (I promise this is a lore post)

Let’s talk about our girl Savek, Betrayer for Xivu Arath, and what this character has revealed about an interesting power of Xivu Arath. For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about, Savek is that Archon-looking Fallen Wrathborn we hunt. She also appeared as one of the main characters in the [url=]Call of the Cryptolith[/url] lore book, as a Dreg working in one of Spider’s salvage crews. Let me repeat that: a Dreg. “But but but KS, I fought Savek and she was waaaaaay bigger than a Dreg, she was super thicc and had that horny helmet and-“ Hush your uneducated mouths, peasants! I bet you all assumed she was a dude! Let the smart person explain. So, a few weeks ago Xivu Arath started creating Wrathborn. Savek was a mere Dreg at the time and became one of the victims of Xivu’s persuasions (let’s face it, even Savek was simping for Xivu’s kawaii anime girl fang). But once she was fully under Xivu’s control this happened:[quote]Savek's claws dig convulsively into the grainy dirt as her body ruptures. Her skin gives a grisly rip as her viscera expands beyond its confines. The thick glow of Ether is joined by another more ravenous force. Plasm spurts from connective tissue as her body swells, molting and regrowing in an eruption of chitin.[/quote]To sum that up, Xivu made Savek’s body rapidly grow past its limits. Savek went from a Dreg to a full-sized cut of Guardian-clapping chitin in no time at all. So, this power of Xivu fits her quite well. We already know [url=]servants of Xivu are granted extra strength[/url], very fitting of the Hive god of war. But being able to push her puppets so far to their physical limits, forcing so much change, is even more impressive. How much do you think Xivu can strengthen her puppets, and how much can she push their bodies? Do you think if she bit you with her fang you’d turn into an anime girl? Could she even push them farther beyond to limits that shouldn’t be possible for their anatomies? Your thoughts? [spoiler]Is this a Xivu Arath simp post disguised as a Fallen gf appreciation post? Or a Fallen gf appreciation post disguised as a Xivu Arath simp post? Maybe, just maybe, it’s an actual lore post? For more of my posts, check out my [url=]Master Post[/url][/spoiler]



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