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由LeMoBR編輯: 12/17/2020 3:38:02 AM

Flawless Master of the Hunt Triumph issue

I've just finish an Empire Hunt on Master difficulty without dying. However, the triumph "Flawless Master of the Hunt" didn't completed. Some people are saying it need to be done without any fireteam member die, but it isn't what the triumph description says: "Complete any Empire Hunt on Master difficulty without dying." I doesn't mention anything about your fireteam. The wording is the same of previous flawless triumphs, which were require only you not to die, regardless of your fireteam (Like the flawless Pir of Heresy triumph , for instance). They should definitely fix it. The misleading description, or the triumph itself otherwise, to accept it if you complete without dying, regardless of your fireteam (as it says at the moment).



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