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So Hawkmoon Quest changed my view of the Crow.

This. I actually like the guy now. You can tell he is a completely different person. Idk how they pulled it off but I would actually be upset if something happened to the crow. Awesome job. I hope there is much more of him in the game. Been critical lately of things I haven’t liked with the game...but I did really enjoy the quest and getting a feel for the new guy. Shaw Han sucks though... Edit: the fact debates are going on in here about him and his character is a great example of showing that BUNGIE did extremely well with this. 2nd Edit: Just a thought 💭...if Uldren was chosen with his dark past to be given another chance...with everything he did and the vile corruption that happened....what could our own Guardian have done before they were chosen? I mean what other guardians could have done atrocious things in their past life? The traveler seems to see only the potential one has..not what they had done in their past life but what they COULD be. Just a thought. We need to think...we have no idea what our guardian could have done in the past. We are mad at The Crow because of what we KNOW...I’m sure there are a lot of things we DON’T know about our own Guardian and others... 3rd Edit: I really appreciate all of the comments and great conversations! 4th edit: With the way these conversations are going...this would make an incredible choices quest like the drifter...just saying BUNGIE.



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