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12/5/2020 7:35:28 PM

Literally ZERO new content/loot for pvp players in Beyond Light

As the title states, there's literally nothing in this expansion currently for pvp players to obtain. Trials has some new mods but for old gear but it doesn't matter anyway as trials is canceled yet again. Iron banner? Nope just more of the same gear we've been getting for years. As a player who spends most of their time in crucible I'm feeling pretty abandoned by bungie right now. I know they don't want to spend resources because pvp is considered part of the free to play content but personally I've purchased every dlc since D1 released. Please Bungie give pvp players some new gear to chase, if you need a way to monetize it then make a "pvp map pack" with some new maps and include some weapons/gear. For the price of a season pass I'd buy it. Although something like that honestly [b][i]should[/i][/b] be included in the $40 expansion.



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