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11/26/2020 10:39:42 AM

Stasis has officially ended PvP

This will most likely fall on deaf ears, but im writing it anyway. Ive always enjoyed occasionally jumping into the crucible, im a pretty average player, some days im fragging and sitting on the top of the scoreboard, other days im just taking a fat L every game. but im okay with that. <3 Ive always sort of known when there was a "good" player in the lobby ya know? like as soon as i see that red light across the map my head is missing XD.............. but As soon as beyond light came out i honestly cant see a difference anymore. sure theres still good players, but every round (((EVERY ROUND))) im just constantly angry, and im sure im not the only one that feels this. I feel like every 1V1 or ANY fight i end up in i ALWAYS XD and i mean ALWAYS lose because of stasis. not only is it the most heartbreaking thing to die to someone who is legit playing the game on smooth brain auto pilot mode, its even worse when you KNOW you would have won that gunfight. It just sorta hit me today, was playing a match and got my super for my titan, was running top tree void. 3 guys were on the point and i decided to go ahead and just pop the super (not the dome just the roaming one) and IMMEDIANTLY the hunter on point starts charging up his stasis super and i am SPAMMING the light attack on him knowing if i can just get ONE hit in ill be good. in the time it took for me to pop my super, run around the corner, and for the hunter to be in the starting animation for there super, the DUMB little warlock on point froze me with melee and popped me in the head. Death screen..... im just speechless. and this isnt a bash on warlocks, or titans, OR hunters! Its stasis freezing and the fact that it lets everyone have a get out of jail card on ALL THE TIME! the grenade=freeze melee=freeze the super=freeze every other game ive played with ANY stun mechanic its always come with a uno reverse card, your health is lower allowing you to die faster, or the stun has a huge cooldown and leaves you open, or the freeze takes time to trigger allowing the recipient to escape. CLICK=FREEZE Sorry for ranting and writing this illiterate book of nonsense, but im hoping this gets to someone who can fix it. I LOVE STASIS....... but only in PvE. Thank you and have a wonderful day.



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