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This sandbox iteration that has yet to settle in the face of Stasis has been my most preferred. With that said. 140s should not be locked at the same zoom as 90 rpm. It leaves them completely obsolete when choosing a sniper. Taking one with such an interesting perk as Cloudstrike and making it so clunky on arrival will add it to the pile of other Exotic snipers you never see outside of Raids. Homogenizing them in zoom levels without considering impact or handling is borderline r*tarded and little else than lazy. Reduce the zoom from 50 to 45 or even 40, like the Omniscient Eye. Keep aa adjustments to appease the blueberries. 50 zoom should be reserved to high impact snipers that people use to double body or one shot from rift. People complained about Revoker cause it has 35 zoom! It's retired and you're crafting every sniper to be slow, cumbersome, and clunky as a result in a game filled with mid to short range special weapons on very tight maps. Stop this now. I dont want to only see Felwinter's, Arbalest (25 zoom), and Bastions.



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