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11/18/2020 5:42:20 PM

Well well. Thorn is actually as good as I'd heard.

File this post under "Late to the Party" I had most of the Exotic weapons that are now available in the Monument To Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower, but I didn't have the Rat King, The Last Word, Izanagi’s Burden, and Thorn. I had exactly one Exotic Cipher to start the season with, so I had to choose. Thorn was it. I have been skeptical for a long time about claims made by YouTubers about which weapons we've been 'sleeping on' and that sort of hype, but let me tell you, Thorn is a great weapon. I don't even usually like hand cannons and now I can't stop using it since I've got it. So as a word of advice, if you're having trouble deciding which of the past Exotics to choose, this one should be high on your list. My next one will be Izanagi’s Burden when I turn in the Exotic Cipher quest to Xur this week, but for now, Thorn is my baby.



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