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How does Unbanning work? Can you get a second chance, or is it only for bans placed incorrectly?

Hi, I attempted to aim-bot in Destiny 2. I ran a AHK from 2017 I found off a cheat forum, and I didn't get it to work. I was of course banned the next time I tried to log on. So I'm wondering if Bungie unbans people who actually had the intent to cheat, granting them a second chance, or if they're only applied to people who have been banned falsely. Also, I'd like to know the Bungie business days, to see whether or not my appeal was denied or not. I sent it on Friday November 13th. I've read the unban appeal text and the automated email text, so I have a surface level understanding. I'm just really scared this is it for my Destiny 2 career. The reason I tried to cheat in the first place was because I was frustrated that Destiny 2 takes up so much of my time when I get back into it, and that I get REAL addicted to it, often neglecting my actual responsibilities. I thought if I get banned, I wouldn't ever have this problem again, even if I wanted to play it. And my plan will probably work, but I really, really don't want it to. I got carried away, emotional, and inconsiderate of other players. Anyway, I would have actually aim-botted and ruined people's game if I could've. But the only reason I'm comfortable making a ban appeal request is because I didn't. Nobody's experience was ruined due to my actions. When the aim-bot didn't work, I was actually happy it didn't, because I thought I was safe. But I underestimated Destiny's cheat detection. This paragraph is to say I'm sorry and I would NEVER DARE try it again. I understand how cheaters ruin other people's experiences with the product, and how they make bad impressions, affecting sales. Although I did understand this when I tried to cheat so I guess I'm still a trash can, but again, I will never try it again. Whether I'm perma-banned or spared. I know the forums can't unban me, I'm just getting this off my chest. Oh, I also have another question! Is it inappropriate to submit another, more refined ban appeal? When I sent mine originally, I was a little bit having a panic attack, and I might have attached 2 jpgs I found off Google Images. One said "I'm sorry", and another said "I suck" with a lollipop on it. I now realize how trolly that makes me seem. lol



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