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原先發佈於: Destiny Pentober Day 10
10/11/2020 7:48:29 PM
[quote]Day 10: Defend In his little home where he occupies, Ash Parth can only watch the Last City's lights from afar. Even looking up to the Traveler who was awoken for a couple of years. Always thinking of what's the point of keeping all the humans in a safe place. But he thought back during the time when he woke up as a Guardian. On the first day he became a Guardian. It was dark. The moon was shining down. The rural area was being torn down. All he could see were Fallen. The Fallen were scavenging the area for machine parts and some of the humans were being killed in the process. Even some of the Guardians who are being mowed down while defending them. What was Ash Parth to do? At first, he was going to ignore them and move out since he died alone and this was of no concern even ignoring Dusk. But within him, he was being told that it was more of a good thing to keep them all safe. Cursing, he gave into his conscience and grabbed a gun to run and gun toward the Fallen. Even awakening to his abilities and mowed them down. The dust settled and Parth sees the Fallen in front of him lay dead. Even see the remaining humans alive and a couple of the Guardians who are still alive stare towards him and they approached, thanking him for saving them. Parth only took the appreciation in before he turned to leave. True he couldn't really care of the praise, but sometimes, he did feel a bit good to see that this was the adrenaline to his abilities and even keeping those humans safe whether they were good or bad. Regardless, it is a Guardian's duty whether for the people or for the fun or for what Ash Parth says, whatever keeps him moving. "This is the way," Ash Parth said to himself before walking off towards the moonlight.[/quote] Wow. Epic. Literally wetting myself



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