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10/9/2020 1:22:58 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 8

Day 8: Dance Party Another day, another job - or rather a favor - when someone comes up to Ash Parth and asks to be security for a wedding to go on. The client was a father whose daughter was getting married today. Even to keep a close eye in case something goes round and Parth will take care of it. After seeing the daughter officially being married, he followed suit from the shadows when they made it to a ballroom and every human were mainly appreciating each other and even doing some slow dancing. All Parth did was look above and can feel himself becoming bored just watching. So he decided to leap off the building and aimed his Beloved just to feel like he would be fighting instead. "I swear, you only think about killing here and there, Parth," Dusk tells him. Parth only replied by giving his Ghost a glare. "You know, it wouldn't hurt to join the party once in a while." "Let me give it to ya straight, Dusk," Parth explains. "I'm here for a job. Fun is when I'm off duty." Dusk can only sigh after realizing that there was nothing going anywhere. Suddenly, a door opened and Parth turned quick with his sniper but thankfully didn't fire which a young woman was just spooked when the gun was pointed at her. He managed to put his Beloved away while hearing his Ghost cursing at his Guardian. "I'm sorry if I disturbed whatever you were doing, Guardian," the young woman says to Parth. Parth told the woman to not to worry and apologize in return. Even explained his job here which surprised the woman. She had to explain her business here was that the daughter was her friend and wanted to get some air since her boyfriend was a no show. Parth only said that it wasn't his problem. Dusk cursed at his Guardian again for being insensitive. The young woman understood but decided that she wanted revenge for her boyfriend for being a no show and asked Parth to come inside and dance. Parth sadly declined and explained that he doesn't dance and not having a good suit in exchange for his current armor. The woman however asked him to escort him to an apartment to pick something up, even admitting to pay him later on in the day, and have him change and return quick. After Dusk convinces Parth just by the ship which he asked the woman if she doesn't mind and she shrugged that she doesn't mind. Parth sighs and agrees as they all got in and they flew to where she pointed out. The Guardian only got in quick to see the suit which Dusk snuck in to transmat his whole armor off which Parth flipped his own Ghost off and quickly dressed into the suit. Didn't take too long until he met the woman who gave him a smile. But they didn't want to take long and they flew back to the ballroom where the reception was still going on and to Parth's surprise, the woman held her hand and led him inside which some of the other humans were surprised to see the Guardian not in his armor. Knowing the music was still going on, Parth remembered how after observing the other dancers from above. All he sees Dusk being is looking like he was proud of his Guardian. Nothing else to do but to hold the woman's hands and they slow danced away just to see the woman smile in front of him. Even begging Parth to try to smile as he never gets these kinds of opportunities. She wasn't wrong and enjoyed as bit of this as not only told, but thinking of making another human asking for something satisfied.



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