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10/8/2020 12:02:03 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 7

Day 7: Solar/Void/Arc (A head's up on this, this was not as tough as I can piece together for all three of the Sub Classes upon writing this. Regardless, I hope everyone has been enjoying all these little scribbles of DestinyPentober and hope y'all are checking out others at Twitter because even I've been checking some of them out.) Solar - If anything, he enjoyed the most with the Thousand Cuts. As a fan of Knives and letting them burn. Sure the Incendiary Knives helps but to the least, the Golden Gun is not one of his ways until the time of the Forsaken came and the power to unlock the Way of A Thousand Cuts was the shutdown. Even to the point of the use of the Shards to go through Sudden Death within the Gambit arena. Void - Remembering the words of the Hunter Vanguard, all Hunters mainly find themselves in the wild. Even why most are loners. However, for the use of the way of the Void, all that he used helps much when assisting within raids in the old days and sometimes within the new days. But as Crucible comes, Spectral Blades to come after his enemies like a specter in the night. Arc - All Arc flows even to remember the way of the Bladedancer until the way of the Arc Staff falls into his hands. All for certain, whether to dodge and punch or self medication or to deflect, it never matters for him to flow like lightning and strike like thunder.



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