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10/4/2020 11:48:32 PM

Destiny Pentober Day 4

Day 4: Jump Ship Ash Parth can never think over which ship is the most favorite of them all. Some do look flight of fancy while some he just laughs it off. But if anything, he usually prefers the Obsidian Wings. These wings give off what makes Ash Parth himself more comfortable whether it is at the day time or while at night in every destination or at the star ocean. Shaders even do not mater for him all because he finds it more perfect on its own. No changes needed. Even looking back to what his family used to be in. All men were army men. Parth however currently only fought a few times but never in wars. It's why the most he refers to the Obsidian Wings to be like one of the fighter jets some of his family drove in the skies. Even when Dusk asks him why, Parth looks over to some of the crows and says, "'Cause the skies the limit even when apart from a murder of crows."



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