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Other Other Half, Page 2: Floofy

[url=]Table of Contents[/url] How could this happen to me?! No self-respecting Hunter would ever be caught dead making googly eyes at a Warlock! This whole thing is so wrong! So wrong! I must’ve landed on my head one too many times or ingested some radiolaria or- I don’t know! [expletive deleted]! Traveler, please just strike me down now! My Ghost, of course, has been absolutely no help. Too busy laughing. I wonder if I could hook up our Ghosts. Am I just that weird, or is the idea of a Ghost couple cute? Yeah, I’m just that weird. See this! This is my problem! This girl has my head turned upside down. I’ve got all these floofy Warlock thoughts floofing around in my head! FLOOFING! I can’t stop thinking about her. What kind of Hunter would fall in love with a Warlock? No Hunter. Ever. Everyone knows Warlocks are annoying, pompous, dorky, tasteless, nutty know-it-alls who do nothing but drone on about science and books. I’ve even heard Warlocks admit to it with their own mouths! (You can’t prove that I’m lying) But she’s just so smart, cool, funny, beautiful. Heck, she’s frabjous. Everything about her is perfect. Even the Warlocky things. Her robes, the sparkle in her eyes when she sees something new, her obsessions over the most trivial and mysterious things, the way she weaves every truth and fact into a net to pull you in. I really can’t stop thinking of her. I’ve tried. No amount of head trauma, death, dancing or drinking has helped. Not even when I tried them all at once (which was surprisingly fun, though I doubt Executor Hideo shares my fond memory of the incident). I’ll be going into the Crucible again today. I know she’ll be there because she always is. So that’s where I always am. [Note to self: Warlock “floofiness” may be contagious. Do not -under any circumstances- seek medical help, because they’re all Warlocks, too.]



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