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9/30/2020 9:13:03 PM

"Cold" Themed Ornaments (cuz it's not ICE!)

PLEASE!! And since we're not calling it ice (but we are...), it would be great to have some more "frozen" or "cold" ornaments in the game seeing as we're getting freezing abilities. We have one for Coldheart and one for Winter's Guile, which in the past those ornaments felt misplaced, since we didn't have Stasis or freezing abilities before. Now, I'm not saying I want everything to be "ice" themed in the just the sense of "throwing some frosty look on it" and calling it "cool", I'm talking a full over haul of the exotic like we see with many of the ornaments we have already. An ornament for Actium War Rig that resembles a winter jacket. An ornament for Fr0st-EE5 that turns them into snow boots that get covered in Stasis when you run! An ornament for Starfire Protocol that turns it a coat with a scarf! Something! Anything will work, just please don't miss this opportunity to drive could themed anything into the ground! If we're getting rid of legendary ornaments aside from decals on certain equipment, we should expect to see lots of new exotic ornaments, right? Then please take advantage of these "non content based" ornaments and give us some more realistic options, not everyone wants to look like a Power Ranger all the time. But hey, I'm just a filthy casual. Thanks again. -Astro Mac



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