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Destiny Pentober Day 1

Day 1: The Guardian As the Traveler chooses many Guardians, some share a good thought to save. Some think of it as power. For what purpose? To protect? To rule? Not every Guardian thinks of many when being raised by the Light and having not much of a purpose after many mistakes and rough edges along the road. This Guardian is one of them. A Guardian who calls himself Ash Parth. He is more of a mercenary. To help but rather not ask much but for the good of his nature. In a selfishless style, he will ask for a few pieces of Glimmer whether from a bounty or two. Or from others who needs a Guardians help. It was due to his past nature. Mainly a lone wolf with trust issues but he can never say no to whoever asks for help. Even if he were to die, he will be revived. When he comes in to assist new Guardians, he would rough them up but not too much as they will become strong in the future and protect others. As speaking of protecting others, for Parth's way of protecting, he is more of a Shadow. A Harbinger. Fighting not only his own demons but also others no matter the price. For the good of his nature and the good of others. It is how a Guardian is born to be from the Light of the Traveler. To protect, to teach, to vanquish regardless of position. Like for Parth, his position is natural. No alignments. Only his own benefactors to see the faces of humanity and all non-Guardians to share a peace of their own while living in his own peace.



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