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Would like military service themed gear and emblems

It would be pretty cool to show your pride in our military, either as a service member, veteran, or even as a civilian who supports our military and pays our paycheck, buys our uniforms and equipment. Pride in your country's military is a universally amicable notion, without any pretense of bigotry or hatred. In fact, most people love the military because they love freedom and they love the peace provided by men and women who choose to be real life "guardians". It would be awesome to have other countries than the U.S. military as well, many vets in my circle play destiny. It would be cool to identify eachother, in the U.S. Air Force I served with british, australian, japanese, korean, and israeli soldiers sailors marines and airmen, as well as all of our branches. If we see civilians rocking one of the badges it's like automatic respect and appreciation for their support. It is already a great and respectful culture, please translate that into the game. Mostly emblems, but I would say even sell the armor shaders and ornaments themed after camo and style of the different militaries, and use the money to help fund ptsd research or something worthwhile. Whatchu all thank? [spoiler]P.S. I feel like it is a bit of a security risk to only allow military members to obtain the badge, because then you'd have an easy list of a specific group of people, either for good or bad intentions, so making this stuff available to all would alleviate that concern (can't see the trees if you hide them in a forest)[/spoiler] [spoiler]I also would like to remind all the current members of all the different services, you'd probably want to consult with your command before displaying anything regarding your service in any virtual capacity, consult your regs if you have them, if you have no written or verbal guidance, refer to you CoC. This shit can get serious in a heartbeat and we all need to stay safe. [/spoiler] I see alot of people commenting without reading.. And then they expect to be taken seriously. Thanks to all the bigots for this classic "We don't understand this culture, so let's talk shit about it" I hope you get the help you need.



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