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9/30/2020 6:51:31 AM

Bungie, can you clarify some things like what happens after sunsetting?

The moon activities: nightmare hunts, pit of Heresy, Dreambane armor, all weapons acquired from the moon at the Lectern all have 1 thing in common: 1060 power cap Will the moon become pointless? Dreaming city activities: ascendant challenge, Shattered Throne, Blind Well, Reverie Dawn armor, weapons, nightfall specific drop: horrors least all 1060 cap. Will Dreaming City become pointless? Last Wish raid will continue to drop infusable gear but what about the rest of dreaming city? Also... Nessus and EDZ, what about these locations? Any word on a Vendor refresh here either? Will the gear aquired from rank up packages and Nightfall strikes also have a 1060 cap? I dont want to be rewarded with sunsetted gear... so please tell us if anything other than Europa content will be worth playing. Transparent? Absolutely not, just alot of confusion. Do us a favor and fill in these blanks with some information.



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