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9/30/2020 11:37:07 PM

The Foolishness of Iron Trashcanner

1. You get placed in a game already in progress where the team is getting trashed. 2. Unless your going all out every game leading the team you have no chance of winning and even in those cases you most likely will still lose. 3. Games are never even either a blowout or total domination. 4. Your team is down 2 or more players and by time the game refills thoses spots you’re already getting slammed. 5. Teammates are utterly clueless. No one goes for flags just goes for kills and can barely get those so now it’s double trouble. 6. Instead the typical 3 blue piece of blue gear you get about 6. 7. Same old rewards nothing new added. Outside of forward path the other weapons are meh. Feel free to add more but Bungie this isn’t enjoyment at all. I wish you guys would just explain yourselves instead of looking out of touch and incompetent.



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