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10/1/2020 12:56:48 AM
I would like to know why I should pay $24.99 for Forsaken when most of the content will be gone after November 10th? I didn't think about it before I read these comments but all of the Forsaken content is no longer relevant to the current Destiny 2 content. Does Bungie have a plan for making this content relevant once beyond light is released? I realize a game of this magnitude can be difficult to manage but Bungie needs to develop a system to keep content that isn't vaulted relevant to the any new expansion. Otherwise it is just continuously creating content with no real impact to the story. I am on the fence about purchasing Beyond Light. I am not really excited about how after all these years in the light we are suddenly told that the darkness isn't the enemy. Say what??? Hopefully beyond light is a story that is similar to Return of the Jedi. Another problem I have is ever since Bungie has created the seasonal model of game play, the game has just become a series of irrelevant moments that don't seem to move the story in a meaningful way. All of the Xur bounties ended with no real explanation of the nine. The means to an end missions have a similar feel. We don't really get any meaningful information from Eris at the end of these missions. With all of that said, I still have hope that Bungie won't let us down. Bungie will make Destiny great again! ;)



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