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9/30/2020 5:25:10 AM

LFG Etiquette (Brain Required) TLDR

Smh..... For years now we as Guardians have been using LFG to find people to play specific activities within Destiny as fast and efficiently as possible, but it has been going downhill for awhile now. I conducted an experiment I searched for Raid groups for 1 hour, I joined every single post that I could, and I waited for an invite. And waited...…. and waited. Not a single invite, so I reached out to those people, and got the following response, "You didn't ask for an invite". At no point should someone join a post and have to ask for an invite lol. This is how LFG should work all the time.... INVITE PEOPLE TO YOUR LOBBY..... As a LFG Post Creator (YOU) you are responsible for inviting ALL of the people to your game for whatever activity it is that YOU posted for. Your post, your responsibility. If you just posted the fireteam you should have the webpage or app up already to invite people as they come in. Waiting to be messaged by someone who joined your post is pure laziness. Now, before you come at me with the, "Nobody wants to sit and type in everybody's gamertag" nonsense, the app and the webpage allow you to invite said people to your lobby. *Mind Blown* right? You got to love technology. So if you want to be LAZY, don't expect to see much results when using LFG. I personally have a 30 second rule. If after 30 seconds I don't get an invite, I leave that fireteam and search for a new one and so on until I find a team that has common sense. BE READY TO PLAY.... once you have your fireteam together, start the activity. Remember how I stated that LFG should be and was intended to be Fast and Efficient? You can't be fast and efficient if you just sit in the lobby for 5+ minutes doing nothing. People will leave if all you are going to do is waste time. If you got to go smoke, use the bathroom, let the dog out, take out the trash etc. Do it before you make a post lol nobody has time to sit in a lobby that long. They joined to play an activity and if you aren't ready for that activity, they will leave, and we all know how well that works out. One leaves, then everyone slowly starts leaving. It trickles down till it's just you. Then you wonder why you can't find a fireteam to play an activity, yet all you had to do was be ready to play. DON'T BE AN IDIOT.... We've all had these types of fireteams, the one where you join and as soon as you get into the party you have that one guy, or three, usually three people acting like complete idiots. You know, the ones who are loud, obnoxious, and or annoying (You know who you are). I for one realize the importance of having a sense of humor, I do, but realize you are playing with random people over the internet and you shouldn't force that on people as soon as they enter the party chat. Get a feel for the room before you start cutting up lol. Annoying people run people out of parties, I guarantee you that. Then you'll always be looking for another player because Billy, Timmy, and Jimmy were acting like idiots. And just like that, with these 3 simple things you can run a smooth LFG post. Pretty neat huh?



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