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9/24/2020 2:23:14 AM

Triumphs, Gambit, and Sanity

After Forsaken launched, (and before The Shattered Throne was available) I took a break from D2. Other games were coming out and I was looking for a change of pace. It wasn't until the Season of the Worthy was almost over that I started playing again. Since returning, I've been playing catch-up for most of the content that has become available while I was away. Black Armory. Menagerie. Shadowkeep. Arrivals and Exodus. Most of it has been pleasant. In light (heh) of the Destiny Content Vault and Beyond Light coming soon, I've made it a priority to earn as many triumphs and lore entries as possible before the DCV deadline. In doing so, I've noticed at least one Triumph that has not aged well. Allow me to paint the picture. (Worth mentioning here is that Gambit is - and always has been - my least favorite game mode.) [quote]Destinations // EDZ // Marked by the Devourer Defeat opposing Guardians with Thorn in Gambit and the Crucible. (25 in Gambit, 50 in Crucible)[/quote] 50 Thorn kills in Crucible is simple. I've done that one already. 25 in Gambit? Makes me want to break my skull against a brick wall. When Thorn first dropped in D2, the weaponry meta was such that this Triumph was feasible, albeit time-consuming. But [i]now[/i]? Imagine, if you will: You're playing Gambit, trying to make progress on this Triumph (the last EDZ one for you to finish, btw). You wait for an invader. Up to around six can appear during a typical Gambit match. One shows up. They have, at most, thirty seconds to do their business. You frantically look for where they are. One of these things happens next: [quote]1. You are killed by a Fallen/Hive/Cabal/etc. enemy, forcing you to respawn after roughly ten seconds. By the time you get back to the arena, the invader is dead or gone. 2. You are killed by the invader within seconds. They used an OHKO weapon. It was probably Truth. 3. They are killed first by an ally. (Guardian kills only count for this Triumph if [i]you[/i] made the killing blow.) 4. They pop their super and become impossible to kill with Thorn.[/quote] Alternatively, you decide to take the fight to the opposing team, and invade. Provided no one else jumps through the portal, you have roughly six chances (three in Motes phase, three in Boss phase) during the average Gambit match. Each time, you have just thirty seconds to make any number of Thorn kills. One of these happens: [quote]1. Upon invading, the enemy team become ninjas and hide behind every conceivable piece of cover. 30 seconds go by without you ever getting a clear shot. 2. You are killed instantly by Truth / Revoker / The Mountaintop / a Titan with allergies. 3. You manage to hit an enemy Guardian once or twice, but are killed. Thorn's unpowered shots are unable to finish your target.[/quote] In all of these instances, zero progress is made on the aforementioned Triumph. Your time is wasted. At time of writing, I have 11 of the 25 Thorn kills needed in Gambit to complete this Triumph. That 11th kill was achieved yesterday. The 10th? Months ago. For context, a bit about myself. I am someone who has experienced depression. I've learned the signs and triggers of my own negative thoughts. Video games have always been an outlet where I can escape the darkest corners of my own mind. The world of Destiny is an easy one for me to use as a crutch. I am also someone who - when they decide that a goal is achievable - does not let go of said goal easily. However, when progress on that goal is hindered or halted, the familiar veil of negative thought begins to reappear. So, when hours worth of Gambit - with tunnel vision on progressing this single Triumph - are met with zero results? My sanity lies in jeopardy. Statistically speaking, it is [b]impossible [/b]that I am the only person who experiences this. Be it via a Triumph, or a Pinnacle Weapon Quest step, or whatnot; some percentage of players out there [b]must[/b] be entirely disheartened by how out of reach (on an individual basis) certain things are in Destiny. Earning the remaining 14 kills with Thorn in Gambit is [i]technically[/i] possible, but unless I resort to boosting (which I [i]do not[/i] intend on doing), my own mental health will likely take a hit in attempting so. If I could modify this Triumph, it would simply be to allow assists with Thorn to count in addition to final blows. Short of that, my ask is this: Whomever is in charge of Triumphs and Pinnacle Quests, think logistically on what you are asking players to do. If one opposing weapon (like Truth) can neutralize the likelihood of making progress - or - if the opportunities to make progress present themselves in a slow drip-feed... maybe rethink the nature of the thing you are designing. The mental health of some players may be at stake. (inb4 "lol get gud, scrub")



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