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More Than Friends (2/2)

(Continued from one: ) “Of course. I admire your culture, loyalty and bravery.” Shadow explains. “Or, the way you told me it used to be. I wanted to see that happen again. I still do. You shouldn’t have to do this alone.” She stares into his eyes as a soft, broken up purr sputters from his throat. Nerves begin to pull hard at Shadow’s gut again, threatening to overwhelm her. She draws in a quick breath. “Variks?” “Yes?” “Do you... uhm— did you ever,” she stutters dumbly, looking away and turning red. “ me?” “I have always liked you,” he answers, a defensive tone to his voice. [i]That’s not the way I meant,[/i] she thinks to herself, but before she can voice her thoughts, the Kell continues. “But—“ he blinks, his eyes flicking around the room uncomfortably. “I have thought of you a different light... for a little while now. Not an easy thing to decide, considering...” he looks back at her to gesture to her skin, her hair, her eyes, her ...everything. He means an awoken. She swallows, heart leaping into her chest. “Shadow,” Variks begins hesitantly, looking relieved to get the attention off himself. “You are aware you did not have to do this, yes?” His head tilts. “Wolf tells you of the way eliksni would do things, but between us...” He holds a hand out to her, sliding it under her own. Sparks dance along her skin where he touches her. “We have known each other a very long time. You could have simply asked me, spoken with me about what you wanted... how you felt for me.” Shadow very slowly turns her head to face Variks. “Are... you... serious?” She searches his face for a sign of amusement, something that would show he was joking. When she finds none, frustration and disbelief burst in her chest. [i]“Traveler’s light, you have to be kidding me!”[/i] she cries in outrage, her face flushed. She did all this for nothing?! “Should I let Wolf know you have demoted him to dreg?“ Variks’s laughter rumbles deep in his chest, an infectious ticking that makes her heart flutter. “Yes. Absolutely,” Shadow scowls immediately, laying her head back down. She crosses her arms, feeling stupid as she resumes her ceiling-stare. Silence. “Are you sure this is what you want?” The sudden question catches her off guard. Shadow blinks, unsure how to respond to such a thing. She stares at him like he’s grown a second set of arms. “You must understand,” he burbles in explanation. “You will [i]never[/i] be first to me. My loyalty to my people and to see them restored... that is my highest priority, and always will be. Such is the calling of Judgement—“ He begins one of his monologues, surely that the hunter has heard many times before. “Variks, I know,” Shadow interjects softly, as much as she did love to listen to his ramblings. She shyly intertwines her fingers with his own. Nothing felt so right as her hand in his. “Don’t forget your dream is mine now, too. I want things to change for the eliksni too. Because of you, I have a bigger goal. If something were to happen to you— or if you hadn’t accepted me... I would still be with the eliksni,” she admits softly, realizing just how true that was. “I may not be one on the outside ...but my heart is with these people. And I will chase your dream until it happens, or until my last breath,” she vows, with every ounce of her being and she means it to her very core. The promise rests on her shoulders heavily but not as a burden. As something to fight towards, a victory, a prize. Not only for herself or Variks but for her adopted people and their future. Eliksni and awoken stare into each other’s eyes for a long moment. “I want to stay by your side... for the rest of my life.” Her voice becomes strained. “You will have all my loyalty... I will serve you, protect you, love you... if... if you’ll have me.” Shadow allows herself to become lost in his hypnotic, sky blue gaze, a warm tightness forming in her chest. A small yet emotion filled sound escapes Variks as he gazes back at her with undisguised affection. Her heart clenches fiercely at the noise. The eliksni’s real hands reach to wrap around her back and draw her into him. “I... I will have you.” Overcome with emotion, Shadow flings her arms around her Kell, holding onto him as if her life depended on it. And in that moment, it did. Whatever it was that had felt empty, felt missing in Shadow’s soul since she had been resurrected, was finally filled. The ex guardian feels a shift within herself, a sense of completion. Her chest swells with the force of it. Finally, things felt... right. No words would come to her, so she held on tighter, poured all her love into every movement of her hands against him, her grip on his soft, furred cloak, her body against his. The warmth between them, their silent connection. Variks’s strong hands wander over her back, keeping her close. She shudders at the feeling. Mandibles brushing against her shoulder, the eliksni mutters against her. “Shadow...” A sigh of contentment escapes her. The hunter closes her eyes. [i]”Variks.”[/i]



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