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More Than Friends (1/2)

Page 115 WOW I can’t believe I REACHED THIS PAGE AND ON A DAY LIKE THIS! It’s FINALLY here, the page where Shadow and Variks get together! It’s been like four years since I started these stories (happy anniversary, story!) I’m so appreciative of you guys, and bungie. Thank you so much for giving this story life! So, without further delay, I present to you the page that everything has been leading up to these past 4 years! 💕 -much love, Shadow The door opening sends Shadow’s heart into overdrive. She pulls in a deep breath at the sound of his voice. It sends shivers down her spine. “You are awake.” “Awoken,” she murmurs, laying with her back to him. She hears him approach her. “Joke...?” He checks. “Yeah. Joke,” she can’t help but smile, turning onto her back to look up at the ceiling. She can’t meet his eyes. “I have heard guardians say, if you have to ask, it was not very funny.” Shadow sighs. “Well, I guess you better think of some good jokes, to help me out.” The room is silent for a while, and then from the corner of her eye, Shadow sees Variks lower himself to the floor. He kneels beside her bed, his face close enough for her to faintly feel his breathing. “You are feeling better?” he burbles in question. “I’m alright.” Variks’s eyes narrow as he shifts around, looking like he wants to say something. The waiting is killing her. “I do not recall... discussing this tradition with you. Where did you learn it?” he finally asks her. The hunter almost hoped they could avoid any conversation about the whole thing. Just go back to the way it was. Whatever it meant to not ruin what they already had between them. “I talked to Wolf,” she responds honestly. Variks scoffs under his breath. He glances away, flexing his fingers as if he were imagining wringing the ex wolf’s neck. “Of course,” he mutters, unsurprised. “I asked him how these things work for your people.” “I see.” Variks rests his real arms on the edge of her bed and gazes at her. Shadow can’t help but turn her head to look at his face. He blinks glittering blue eyes at her. Her heart skips, but she’s used to that by now. “May I ask you something?” “Of course you can,” the hunter responds, slightly pulling herself up. “Why?” Shadow closes her eyes and sighs. “Variks, you already know all the reasons I want to be more than your friend. If you want someone to keep repeating it for your entertainment, find a dumber guardian.” While her words are edged, a fond smile tugs at her mouth. Variks blinks, his eyes widening in surprise. He chuckles deep in his chest, taken aback, and reminded of the reason he enjoys her company. Shadow lifts her chin in satisfaction. Silence presses around them until she decides to speak again. The hunter stares at the ceiling. “I wanted them proud of me, you know. So when you ask why... It wasn’t easy,” she whispers, voice cracking. “But I was starting to fall in love with you. I knew I could never be what they wanted. Not while I cared about your people. They weren’t ready for change.” Variks lowers his head, his voice tainted with guilt. “I took you from them.” The hunter looks back at him. “It’s not your fault. I wanted to be here.” Variks meets her eyes. “Not anymore?” Hope soars in the hunter’s chest at his worried tone. “That’s up to you.” Shadow swallows, finally coming forward with her concern. Since she had lost, what would she be now? And now that she had offered such a thing between them, would he command her to go? “I’m not asking you to leave.” He frowns, seeming almost offended. “You are my f-“ he pauses, correcting himself. “Well... I suppose you are more than that now.” He admits, his eyes meeting the floor almost shyly. Shadow nearly chokes on air. “B-but I lost!” She sits up, head swimming. “Not the fight I watched,” he objects. Shadow lays back down, breathless and completely lost for words. “You have won,” he adds again, folding his real hands together. “Whether you would debate it was by default, I do not care.” His mechanical hands gesture in the air as if brushing her worries away, or any doubts that would surely come from the house. What did he expect her to say in response? Shadow decides to think about something else. Anything to cure the awkwardness stinging the air around them. “You know, when I first met you, I didn’t like you,” she blurts. Variks feigns surprise. “Really? Why not?” She shrugs with a smile, answering anyways. “I don’t know. You were a fallen. And you didn’t know personal space.” Mandibles opening incredulously, the eliksni waves a hand at her. “That is very funny coming from you!” he burbles, a dry laughter rising from his chest. The hunter laughs along with him. “I even asked my ghost how he could tell you were a he at all.” Variks pauses. “I’m sure that can be proven at some point,” he mutters quietly. Shadow eyes widen as she stares very, very hard at a vent on the wall, her chest burning. After yet another drawn out, awkward pause, the ex guardian takes a quick glance towards her Kell. “Variks?” “Yes?” “Why did you decide to let me stay here? I never asked.” Variks swears her burning amber gaze could bore holes into him. He takes his time to answer. “You listened,” he replies very simply, but not without the strain of emotion pulling at his words. “I meant it when I said you should have been eliksni.” His hands move closer to her, gently brushing against her. “Queen Kell had said, I should spend more time with you.” “She did?” “Yes.” “Is there anyones business she doesn’t interfere with?” she asks fondly. “I don’t think so,” Variks rumbles amusedly, before adding, “Thank you.” “For what?” “Changing your mind about us... about me.” (to continue reading, it’s too long for one page: )



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