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由DarknessImperia編輯: 9/19/2020 12:29:05 AM

Augments for Stasis Supers

I hope your days are going super well! I’m just on here because I was thinking about those subclass screens and how I am not sure if augments for supers are going to happen, which would suck. Like think the three Nova Bombs: Lance, Shatter, and Vortex. They added another layer of customization within the Voidwalker subclass that really added flair and change up how things were used! I remember when lance was buffed how I would throw it at the Undying Mind from across the map and it was hilarious! I’m just hoping we will see something of that nature. From what we saw, I don’t even think there will be class specific grenades, only shared grenades which also sucks. I don’t mind if there are two shared grenades like in The Taken King’s subclasses, we really should have at least one specific to each class though. Imagine how could it would be to have a class specific Warlock Grenade for Stasis that was essentially a Stasis crystal storm and it would shatter frozen enemies or deal straight dps. I remember someone saying something about trying to move away from class homogenization, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. I could be misremembering, but even with this extra customization, it seems like so much of the cool is being taken out. I just really, really hope we’re get class specific grenades and super augments apart from the Aspects. I hope anyone reading this has an awesome day. 😊 P.S. Can we also talk about how there was no Warlock b-roll footage in the press kit? I’m still salty about that one lol.



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