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9/17/2020 1:34:16 PM

Pit of Heresy Triumphs glitched I recently decided to get the Harbinger Title, requirement being I do Pit of Heresy Flawlessly and a Solo run as well. So, I did two solo Flawless runs (admittedly the first one I used a checkpoint not realising it had to be fresh) and the second time, I did not go to orbit, I completed it beginning to end, and left a few seconds after I saw the Scoreboard. The first time I did it, it counted as 1 Flawless run in the game (I saw the tracker pop up) and did the same in the Dungeon Report as well. Second time did not count in game. Tracker denies it even counting as flawless. But Dungeon Report says otherwise. Attached are 2 photos, one the in-game tracker, the other Dungeon Report. Now from what I am aware of, Dungeon Report cannot count a run as Flawless unless if Bungie counts it. I looked alot to see if there something I did wrong, but my searches have been mostly empty and vague. Any idea what it could be?



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