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Mindless Violence

Explanation: "If you're looking for mindless violence, go talk to that fallen creature over there."      Shadow halts abruptly. Mindless violence? Fallen creature? Her amber gaze narrows at the reef cryptarch. Surely that was loud enough for Variks to hear.      She glances back at the vandal. He's speaking with other guardians, he seems not to have heard.       But Shadow has learned by now that Variks hears everything in the reef.      She clenches her fists, stalking over to the cryptarch. "Excuse me?" she growls, startling herself.      A warlock in crimson robes backs away slowly, observing.      Anger surges through the hunter's chest.      Ives gazes innocently at her, as if he has no clue what he's said. "Can I help y-"      Her knife reminds him.      "I'll show you mindless violence-"      "Hey, hey hey!" A Corsair marches over to Shadow, clutching her shoulder with a firm hand.      She lowers her knife from Ives' throat slowly, staring him down with hard, golden eyes.      "Relax, guardian." Ives keeps his cool composure but she doesn't miss the glint of fear in his eyes.      She's far from satisfied, but it will do, for now. "Then don't call him that," she adds as she's dragged away by the Corsair.      "And don't pull a knife on our cryptarch, guardian."      Shadow is shoved roughly towards her ship. "You should tell him to be more polite then," she snarls.      She doesn't wait for an answer. She transmats into her ship, falling into her seat with an angry thump.      No wonder Variks thought she was like everyone else. Just in it for loot. Disgusted by his people. Wanting no part of them. Is this all he's ever known here? She bites her tongue hard enough to fill her mouth with blood. Was the Queen the only awoken returning Variks' loyalty?      Then Petra's voice echos in her mind.[i] "Just... No more fallen, okay? Variks is about all I can stand right now." [/i]      Other voices of the reef join with the Queen's Wrath. [i] "...fallen creature over there." "Bug!" "Insect." "Filthy fallen!"[/i]      Shadow slams her fist down on her console, shutting out the voices.      This wasn't fair. All this time, everyone filling her head with tales of eliksni as ferocious, mindless killing machines. Shadow was well aware of eliksni and humanity history. But there wasn't any denying that Variks wasn't mindless. Variks was intelligent. Far more than any guardians she knew, including herself. Variks wasn't killing anyone. If it weren't for Variks, the reef wouldn't be here. Possibly not even the city. How terribly ungrateful they were. Variks wasn't angry and violent. Variks was sweet and kind. The reef didn't deserve Variks.      Shadow feels a swell of gratitude for Queen Mara. At least she was wise enough to listen to Variks.      The angry hunter makes a decision then and there. She would be Variks's friend, if no one else would. She would listen to him. She wouldn't shut him out just because he was eliksni. He had a story to tell, and Shadow was willing to hear every second of it.      Information did not only have to come from her own close minded people. She was no longer the clueless, uneducated guardian she was revived as.      Now, she saw both sides.



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