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Explanation, for anyone who missed it! “Skolas has failed at every attempt to wrest control of the other houses." Petra sounds pleased. So is Shadow. "His forces grow thinner with each passing day." [i]Good[/i]. The all too familiar hatred for the Kell dug deeper into her heart at every waking moment. [i]And he thought he'd get away with it. [/i]She grips her knife.      The guardian is thrown out of her thoughts by Petra. "We've dealt the wolves a serious blow. Variks has a little something for you."      Shadow's heart lurches.      " celebrate."      She struggles to compose herself. "Ah- yes- o-okay."      "No rest till we find Skolas!"      Right. Shadow stalls as she crosses the outpost to Variks. What could he possibly have to offer her?      "Guardian! Come here, come here..." Noticing her, Variks urges the hunter closer. "We are friends now, yes?" Friends...? "Yes," she nods, once again ignoring the voice of logic in her mind. Something about the way he's looking at her has her hypnotized.      He comes very close to her, hesitating, his head lowered. Her hand almost reaches for her gun, though her heart is still skipping. He brings something out from his pocket. "Brought this up from Queen's vault, for you." He stands straighter now, holding out his hand, offering it to her. "Sooo shiny..."      Shadow smiles at his fascination with the gem and hesitantly reaches forward. A shock races across her chest as her hand brushes against his. Its soft, and warm. She grabs the amethyst, observing its beauty. It's carved edges glow and sparkle in the light of the reef. She runs her thumb over it.      "Enjoy."      Shadow lets out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Uh- Th-thank you," she stutters after a rather awkward pause between them, his icy blue gaze locked with hers.      He blinks. "You stopped Skolas from taking House Devils, House Kings." He continues as if nothing happened, shaking his head in that odd fallen way. "Now wolves have returned to Venus..." His crackling noises make the hunter shiver.      "I'll get on that then." She slips the stone into her pocket.      As she turns to leave, Variks adds, "When you come back... I'd like to see... your ship."     "My... ship?"      "Yes, yes." His eyes are alight with curiosity. [i] ...I'll have to think about that[/i]. "Maybe. See you later Variks." She hurries off to her ship without turning back.



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