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Something Breaks

Explanation, if you missed it! “We're doing good work out there, guardian."      Shadow nods, sitting on the edge of a railing in the reef. Petra tosses her knife around. "Silent fang, taken out."     It was good, working with Petra and Variks. She found herself even enjoying it, regardless of Variks being a fallen.      The eliksni... so strange, so mysterious. They slaughtered thousands of her people and as a guardian, she was called upon to kill them. To protect her city. So why did something about that suddenly feel... wrong?      She lets her golden gaze slide across the reef to Variks. Watching the way he sways back and forth, seeming unable to keep still. His four eyes following every guardian that passes.      Petra notices this. "You know..."      Shadows attention is drawn back to her.      "The fang used to do hit and run tactics against civilian targets during the worst days of the reef wars. I'm not sure, but I think that's what made Variks turn against Skolas. Assassins unleashed on miners, on teachers. That's a long way to fall."      Shadow stares at her for a moment, thoughtful. Then returns her gaze to Variks.      Curiosity burns beneath her skin. What she knew now of the Judgement scribe, though it was more than the start, was still not enough. The hunter took a very, very long moment to think.      Something tugs at her heart as she watches him. Something she hasn't felt before. Her chest aches. "Yeah," she finally answers shortly.      Petra continues, focused now. "In their own way, the Kings are even more dangerous than the Silent Fang. Get out there."      Shadow stands and turns to leave. As usual she casts a last glance back at Variks. And this time, she feels something in her hardened heart finally break.



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