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Solstic armor objectives

So I just recently got back into Destiny after taking a break due to school. Ive been playing for about a month now and the new content is overwhelming with a current DLC and a new DLC in the works. I cracked and pre-ordered beyond light because destiny truly does an amazing job at selling and hyping their game. So im already invested into the game financially. I skipped over the shadowkeep content because I felt that I was too late to gruly get my moneys worth with the new DLC coming out. Now with the solstice armor that is "free content" in their trailer you need the shadowkeep DLC to do the Pit of Heresy. Thats so unappealing to me. Now I have to pay 20+ dollars for a DLC that ive missed out on most of the early hype and I will have to pay 10 dollars for the silver to get the colors because I am no where close to having enough bright dust? I would have gladly dropped that for the silver but there is no way im wasting my time and money on both the DLC and the armor set. Theres my rant. Im just amazed that its advertised as "free content" event



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