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8/2/2020 10:11:58 PM

Jade Rabbit Final Room bug?

A few months ago I collected all the jade rabbits on my warlock and then went to the jade rabbit room and placed the last rabbit and was given the triumph and the shader when I claimed it. Earlier today I collected all the jade rabbits on my titan and was able to place the last rabbit in the room. However I did it again on my hunter and it won't let me place the final rabbit. The final rabbit isn't on the ground and there is no prompt to place the final rabbit. I collected them all on PC and i also checked on Xbox to see if the rabbit would appear but it didn't. I also checked on and it says I've collected all the rabbits on all my characters. Image of the room - Image of where the rabbit should be - It also appears that someone else had the same problem (on their 2nd character not 3rd) and made a reddit post -



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