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What if a HIVE woke up one day and wanted to become a Guardian?

Obviously not the hives that you could break out from in an allergic reaction, say to some bad Taco Bell. Lol. But the ugly little brown dudes with too many teeth. Btw am I missing something or do the females look just like the males? But what would happen if one day little hive thrall G10000000000001 woke up in his nice crunchy bed of bonemeal or whatever they sleep on, and thought, “You know, I don’t fit in here. Nobody shares their bonemeal with me. I don’t think Hive Mother even knows my name! And those Guardians are so cool. I want to be one of them!” And so he packs his little bundle of phalanges he’s been collecting from various human grave sites, and says goodbye to his toy skulls, and heads out into the cold night. “What if they don’t like me?” he worries. Then he remembers the phalanges he’s been collecting. He had fought hard to get those from his siblings, when they had been allowed onto the battlefield to clean up after a big fight. The bigger acolytes and knights got the bigger bones, the thrall got the smaller ones, and the baby thrall got the left overs. If there were any. Usually that meant fighting over fingers and toes. Meager rations for starving thousands. But they’d been promised an abundance to feast on once King Oryx took over the big blue planet and kicked out the Fallen and Cabal. So fingers and toes it was. And being a smaller baby thrall, he often went hungry. But he was unusually smart for a thrall, and he found that being small had its advantages. He could crawl in the tiny spaces between his frantic siblings in the feeding frenzy, and sneak a bone or two. But to save the precious phalanges meant he had to forgo the meal. So he would wrap his precious bone and bury it in his secret stash beneath the tiny crawl space in the dark that was his bed, curl himself up tightly into a tiny ball around his grumbling tummy, and drift off to a troubled sleep... Yes, that precious collection would be his gift to the Guardians. Surely they would accept him and his meager gift! It would obviously not feed very many of them, but perhaps it would serve as a token snack? Satisfied that he had a suitable trade, he scurried on into the night. If this HIVE thrall showed up at your outpost one day, asking to become a Guardian, and offering you a small stash of human finger bones as a food gift, what would you do? Would you invite him in, accept his gift, and start an unprecedented alliance with the Hive? Or would you be disgusted by his gift, which only serves to remind you of the millions of slain Guardians that lie dead and scattered across the cosmos because of his kind? If the later, how would you handle it? [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]



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