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7/28/2020 6:40:16 AM

Does Osmosis Proc Thorn Void Kill Progress?

Hey so the 2nd to last requirement during the Thorn quest is to "Defeat Guardians in the Crucible using Void weapons or Hand Cannons." I believe it's a point system where it's not %, but you get 1 point for either a void sourced kill or hand cannon kill, 2 points precision hand cannon kill, maybe 4 points precision void hand cannon? I think? I wanted to know if a primary hand cannon with osmosis would count as progress. I want to run double grenade sentinel and a primary source of progress could speed this up a bit. Currently I have a void setup on every slot except my primary hand cannon. Id test it myself but I swapped to PC a month ago. Crucible is the hardest part of the adjustment, so the quest takes a while to add 1% progress even with a full setup of sources: Sentinel with double void grenades void energy hand cannon 2nd slot void machine gun If turned all those off and singled out osmosis on a primary hand cannon it'd take forever to answer the question with 1% taking over half an hour maybe. Would osmosis on my primary hand cannon proc and count towards progress running double grenade void subclass? How does osmosis work on other quests? Thanks a lot guys sorry for the long explanation. Super specific situation to add another source of void and go for 4 points in my primary slot as well to speed this quest up



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