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[spoiler]to satisfy the lore people... Variks. Working with or against Eramis? [/spoiler] Hello fans, readers, people who are just here for laughs, people who hate me, etc! As you’re all aware we have to wait until November for Beyond Light. And now I’m faced with the task of staying canon while I continue my stories between Shadow and Variks. As you may know, I’ve concluded destiny 1, and come well into destiny 2 by now. The placement im at in the timeline is around Shadowkeep. Therefor, I’m at an impasse. ⚠️ Staying close to bungie’s story and Variks’s character is so important to me, and so, I will not be releasing any new pages for the next two months or so ⚠️ Now some of you may have just sighed in relief. But I’m here to disappoint you! Instead of posting the new pages I’m working on in private, I will be re posting my old pages, for anyone who hasn’t seen them, or for anyone who wants to read the utter madness again! Thanks for being an amazing group of people, and continuing to support me here. Anyone who has a request for a re post, message me or ask here! I’ll be more than happy to serve the audience and re post what you want to read wether you missed it or just want to see me cry in shame again! -sort of sincerely, ShadowheartMC 💕 Ps wow thanks for all the likes and comments!!!



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