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A new grenade frame idea called "Missile Frame" to incentivize players

I have been thinking a bit of how to think of a frame that can do as it is intented and not be the full on mountaintop with random rolls. I had to make sure it is Mountaintop, but without the oppressive aspects of what caused this weapon to rise in PvP, but also be just as viable as in PvE. With that, I introduce the "Missile Frame." Now what is the "Missle Frame" in function? The frame is a Grenade Launcher that uses special ammo, thus the Energy and possibly the Kinetic slot, but the role of the frame is to be Anti-Air with the Micro-Missile perk. The frame will also do more damage to targets that are airborne on direct, but you deal less damage, reduced blast radius, and slower projectile speed while in the air shooting below, along with not being able to control the explosion. Now why this build seems to be requiring aim and a decent skill ceiling than Mountaintop? To prevent players running an oppressive playstyle in PvP which involves floating in the air to deal damage with the mountaintop then finishing it with the one-two punch with the other weapon ([url=][/url]). Plus there are magazine and trait rolls to help mitigate the Frame's downsides to make it Mountaintop with Anti-Air capabilities, but you need to farm for the roll if one wish to seek it. Let's get this straight and that it can have Truthteller rolls, but 4 extra rolls with 2 being new and 2 being a known trait: • Seraph Grenades (Magazine, PvP) • A Trait 2 that buffs damage at airborne targets (not sure how to call it) • Vorpal Weapon (PvE open world) • Rangefinder (Trait 1) Seraph Grenades: Grenades shot can now be detonated remotely with ease, increases blast damage and blast radius slightly. Vorpal Weapon: Given that this trait is known on weapons not using blast damage (unless by explosive rounds or timed explosive rounds), this trait will be similar by damage, but increases based on what kind of opposition faced. In PvP, the trait will act like how on non-blast damage weapons. Rangefinder is a perk that increases Velocity and Blast Radius, quite fitting for an Missile Frame. Rolls that may be worthwhile to look into if this idea comes to the game for whatever reason: Direct Hit from TF2, but in Destiny 2 simulator: • Barrel that increases Velocity • Spike Grenades • Rangefinder • Trait 2 mentioned God Roll (PvP) to work for • Linear/Quick • Proximity/Seraph Grenades • Auto-Loading Holster/Rangefinder • Quickdraw/Trait 2 mentioned God Roll (PvE) • Smart Drift/Quick/Linear • Spike/Seraph Grenades • Feeding Frenzy/Auto-Loading Holster (perhaps even Field Prep) • Demolitionist/Disruption Break/Vorpal Weapon/Trait 2 Aquired by: • Static Roll featuring the 2 new traits along with Spike grenades from Ana Brey perhaps? • World drop, increased drop rate at current season faction. Plenty of rolls can be added than the 4 mentioned to give reason to farm. Then again, I am just merely giving an idea to knock Mountaintop out of the ring and maybe this is it, but I won't know truely unless Bungie this is a decent idea.



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