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7/14/2020 6:32:56 AM

Optional solo/private queue for strikes, nightmare hunts and similar activities.

I've seen a lot of similar posts and it's strange to me that this isn't already an option, as it sort of is already in the game. Bungie can we please get a solo or private queue added for strikes and similar activities? Sometimes I just want to play on my own or with a friend and not have to play with a random when trying to get bounties or quests done, non-matchmaking is already an option for these activities at Legend difficulty and above so it seems it could be easily implemented. I don't want matchmaking removed or shelved, I'd just like the option to turn it off when I want to get things done or when I only have 1 friend online and I want to just hang out with them and not have a random run ahead or slow our progress. Leave it so matchmaking is on by default and you can just toggle it in the same screen you set the activities difficulty, I don't mind but I've seen a lot of other posts dating back to at least 2017 asking for the same thing. It'd be a welcomed additional feature for many and for players that want it on, they can simply leave matchmaking on.



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