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Sturm is Pointless

With the addition of the "sympathetic arsenal" perk, Sturm's exotic perk "Accomplice" has become completely useless. Accomplice reloads your equipped energy weapon from reserves after getting a kill, and "sympathetic arsenal" (which can roll on legendary weapons) reloads all stowed weapons after reloading after a kill. I know Sturm is meant to be used with Drang, but that combo hasn't been viable since the weapon system changes in forsaken because it doesn't use a special ammo weapon. Since then Sturm has become one of the least used exotics in the entire game with 0.08% usage in Comp PVP 0.04% usage in Quickplay PVP and the single lowest exotic usage in the game in PVE at 0.027% A possible way to solve this problem and make Sturm feel exotic again would be to make Sturm a special ammo hand-cannon like Eriana's Vow. Sturm is the slowest archetype of hand cannon in the game, which would make its transition from 110 rpm to 90 rpm less jarring. It also wouldn't be stealing Eriana's Vow's niche because its kinetic and not shield piercing. Sturm's perks could be reworked so that precision kills with [b]any[/b] energy weapon reload its mag and add bonus damage rounds to the mag (this wouldn't be OP considering auto loading holster is on Eriana's Vow with the catalyst). The Drang combo could be retained by making those overflow rounds either unstoppable or overload if the energy weapon you used to load them was Drang.



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