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Allow us to Mod, Masterwork our Blue weapons [Poll]





Blue weapons are only ever rarely situationally good and will almost never surpass a legendary or exotic of the same archetype. But if I am willing to accept that penalty, I would prefer using certain Blues more for the fun of it so to that end, what stops me from using my favorite blue gear is 1) No Masterworking, Should be able to upgrade a Blue gear to a "masterworkable" type. This gives us a kill-tracker on that gun, and generating orbs. A stat bonus would be nice too, but not mandatory. Maybe this costs an enhancement prism or 2? 2) Letting us put the mods that go with Legendaries would like for Targetting or Boss Damage would just let those guns be somewhat more viable in activities. Again this expands the sort of loadouts people can try, and in no way will this be "power creep" or "meta". No harm right? PS we basically have the same blue weapons in the pool since Forsaken, which were slight modifications from the year 1, but the same. If you go back and see what D1 had, especially y1 it was like an infinite variety of blue guns. I miss that. They even had random rolls on blues back then, can you imagine? What do you think? Guns I would definitely try to masterwork for the fun of it: My y1 Aachen-LR2 with solar damage, snapshot Black Tiger-SR2 Cuboid ARU Either y1/2 Badlands shotgun



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