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Weird iPhone auto-correct story

I’ll be home 🏠 the time you kiss 💋 was fun but it didn’t get too crazy 😝 I miss the butch game that you had made you look 👀 is your name in there so I’ll have a great 👍 was your weekend I am sorry 😐 I am a sad 😔 you know how much you mean you were not the best person I can be your love 💕 I love 💕 is a right and you have never had it before so that’s how much it would make it a good game you will love 💕 is it like the ninjas who love 💕 is your story of your story so funny 😂 I love 💕 is your mom her Christmas 🎄 I love 💕 you’re so sad 😭 I love 💕 your dream about me I know I have no one ☝️ this day is just the fact I am so happy 😁 you guys and your family have been a good day to be sure that they will see them again tomorrow I love 💕 you want me a lot more kisses 😚 you are so very very disrespectful I don’t have a problem and you are still not there.



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