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5/15/2020 12:23:43 AM

Guardian Games Reward Issues

I just returned home about an hour ago and checked my email once more to see if I could still purchase the Guardian boxes with the codes. I obtained all three but hadn't yet made a purchase. Two weeks later I still never got an email stating I got my Hunter shell, so I can't get that box since it is no longer a part of my Bungie rewards, meaning I don't have a code anywhere for it. My Titan box code is apparently expired even though I got it before the deadline on May 9. I would understand it not working since it was to my knowledge that Tuesday was the last day to buy them with codes, but the fact that my Warlock box code is still available after I got it on April 24 completely bewilders me. I want my Hunter box since I main a Hunter, and I want the Titan one just so I can have all three as a sense of achievement. This just boils down to one question. Is there anything I can do to get the codes for the boxes because I really want them before they leave the Bungie store on June 1.



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