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4/28/2020 10:54:08 PM

Maybe we should slow down.

Maybe we should remember something about this game destiny 2 we need to slow down on the hate and remember the good things that have happened as of the history of the game as of Destiny 1 where it all started sure there are problems but we are human and we all make mistakes we all make decisions but we also have a great history did you know our community won a reward for being the best back in Destiny 1? Does anyone remember the history of the two guardians the one where a pair of friends played and played and played till one day the other didn't get on cause he lost to cancer? Have we turned a blind eye of the story of the story of an exotic scout rifle named the Fate of all fools? Are we forgetting that we use to be good people? Not everyone will care but i ask that people slow down and think of the good history we have together as a community. Remember the heros who have been donating to bungie who are trying to help hospitals with the fight of covid we need to remember that this game isn't about the game play it's not about the story in the game its about the story we create together the story of the game is the time we share with our friends and family the game is about it's community. So please slow down and understand 🙏 that bungie is trying to see what they can do from home they are human just like us and are not perfect please stop getting mad at them they understand and probably do wish they could do more and are just not at the speed we would like them to. I know i sound like some a kid for this and i am im a 17 year old teen who's been playing destiny since it's beta i was toxic towards this game for awhile until i realized the stories that the community has created. So remember this game isn't about the gameplay, it isn't about them, it isn't about the in game story. Its about the story of the memories that the community creates.



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