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Other Other Half, Page 7: Infected

[url=]Table of Contents[/url] Thank the Traveler it’s over. I hold in my relieved sigh until my feet touch down in the safety of the Tower courtyard. My shoulders slump forward as I realize just how tired I am. A whole day in Crimson Doubles, and the stress of being seen on my date has been sapping away my strength like a greedy Dreg after its last few sips of Ether. Wow, that was a kind of dramatic analogy. Do I get dramatic when I’m tired? Maybe I just get good at analogies. Lame super power. Romy materializes beside me in the blue haze of transmat, alighting like a graceful angel. She once told me Oryx sprouted wings on a whim. I wonder if she has wings hidden under her robes. Maybe her Warlock Bond is her halo. See that? More comparisons of two otherwise unlike things based on resemblance of a particular aspect. [b]Analogy Man, social energy low.[/b] [expletive deleted], did I just quote the dictionary definition of the word analogy?! Warlock floofiness levels are rising to dangerous heights. “I had a lot of fun,” Romy chirps, her helmet vanishing to reveal her gorgeous smile. Never mind, getting infected by floofiness is a good trade-off for seeing that smile. “Me too,” I reply nonchalantly, straightening to hide my weariness. Gotta play it cool. Romy slides closer. Red lights flash in my head. Coolness barrier failing, heart attack imminent. I have to resist the urge to cave in on myself as she presses closer, nearly touching me. Luckily I’m scared too stiff to move. My fear that she’s probably screwing around with me is renewed. A whole day tangling up the heartstrings of a hopeless Hunter. It’ll be quite a story for her Warlock buddies. “Well…” I say carefully, shifting back imperceptibly in an attempt to disengage, “It’s pretty late. I guess I-“ Romy’s gauntleted hands grab the hem of my cloak and yank me up towards her face. I don’t have time to gasp before my mouth hits hers. The impact is rough, and I’m sure neither one of us knows how to kiss, but I melt under the touch of her lips. We separate after a few moments of ecstasy, breathing hard, and just stare at each other. That’s it, I’ve kissed a Warlock. I’m infected. Completely, absolutely infected by Romy’s Warlock disease. And I don’t even care anymore. This is the best moment of all my lives. Romy recovers first but doesn’t release me, “Thank you for today.” I gather myself as best as I can. Play it cool. Play it cool! “Um…could I get another one o’ those?” [i]IDIOT![/i] Romy smiles so sweetly, “Tomorrow.” “Tomorrow,” I echo smoothly. [i]You’re a few seconds too late to play it cool, dummy![/i] “It’s a date, then,” Romy declares, letting my cloak slip out of her grip. She takes a step back, “Well, it’s been a long day. Let’s not keep tomorrow waiting.” I’m pretty sure that was Warlock for “It’s late, let’s go to sleep.” I just nod like the airhead I am. “Goodnight,” Romy farewells. “Goodnight,” I return. Romy disappears in the blue mist of transmat. My eyes linger for a moment. She kissed me. The thought hits me like a sudden revelation all over again. [i]Romy kissed me![/i] I can’t stop a sheepish grin from spreading across my face. I turn and the first thing I see is the Traveler, hanging over the Last City, a silent observer. I pump out my fist, giving it an enthusiastic thumbs up. This is the best moment of my li- Someone coughs. My joy fizzles out as I turn to see a pair of civilians watching me. A couple Faction cronies, I think. They look like they’ve been there awhile. I slowly lower my arm. “Did you…” I ask, pointing back to where Romy had last been standing, “See all…?” One of them nods hesitantly. I pull my hood down to hide my face and hiss fiercely, “Ghost! Transmat transmat trans-“



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