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由ButterBoop編輯: 3/25/2020 4:52:40 PM

Iron Banner Artifact Power/Quest Progression Bug. Potential Connection.

I noticed a connection between the two. Not sure how to post screenshots, but when playing Iron Banner, I sometimes noticed my artifact contributing to my light level. When right clicking my name, it shows I am in orbit, NOT in Iron Banner. Also, when this bug was active, I was not getting quest progression (bounty or quest step) likely because it doesn't think I am in Iron Banner. I was stuck at 99% for the Rout with this bug from beginning of the match to the end. Quitting the match then starting Iron Banner from orbit did not fix it. Instead, I needed to load into another space (the tower) and then load up Iron Banner again to fix. Hopefully this helps! Have a great day and keep up the hard work.



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