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3/24/2020 2:39:56 AM

Gambit Prime - Mouse Look stopped working midway through match 15 Mar 2020, but only uploaded just now Was playing a match of gambit prime, dont know what triggered it this time, but i was unable to use mouse to look around although keyboard movement buttons still worked. On hitting esc or inventory, i was able to move the mouse cursor in those menus, but clicking on the settings gear at the top right of the inventory screen would not allow me to access the settings menus. As i did not want the penalty from leaving a gambit match, i contributed to my team's loss by not being able to do anything. It was probably frustrating for my teammates to have this random asshole blueberry just standing around doing nothing. After the match was over and back in orbit, clicking on director would not open it. In inventory, clicking on gear would not change it. Clicks not recognized. This is the 2nd time i have encountered this bug but 1st time recording a video about it, with the 1st time being more than a month ago - in that one i was playing as titan on the mars arena with the conveyor belt, ran in the same direction on the conveyor as it was moving (gotta go fast), jumped/catapulted off, and when i landed i was unable to mouse look.



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