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Bungie please change this three things!

Dear Bungie-Team, Would it be possible to change these three things below? 1. Please allow duplicate Classes ( two or three times the same Class ) to get weekly powerful and pinnacle engrams. I understand why you did this at the beginning of Destiny 2, but now with your new Seasonpass Mechanic it would be cool to have the opertunity to create the same class more than one time without limitations. And you are not forcing anyone to create for example two or three hunters. Some people would like to do it but because of the powerful and pinnacle engram class limitation, they can not. Or they could but they would have to live with the limitations and that takes the fun of the game. 2. For the people who have Three different classes, please let them upgrade their armor with other class armor ( Example Titan chest with a more powerful Hunter chest and so on. ) That would make the life of a lot of people easier. 3. It would be nice if you could change the story and exotic quests from character to account quests so that if you have already done it with one character that you don't have to repeat it with the other two. As a solution, you could give the quests to Amanda Holliday and if someone would like to repeat it they could do it there.



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